Courses that will impact your ministry 

Course Catalog

One-Year Certificate in
Christian Ministries (30 units)

BCOM 110 - Seminar: Biblical Teaching and Preaching

This seminar is a study of the art and practice of communicating biblical truths through teaching and preaching for the edification, exhortation, and admonition of the body of Christ.

(1.25 Units)

BIBH 120 - Church History

This course provides an overview of the major ecclesiastical streams, events, and individuals who have influenced the formation and evolution of the church from the Day of Pentecost to the present age.

(2.5 Units)

BIBH 110 - Seminar: Foursquare History and Doctrine

In this seminar, students will be introduced to the history and structure of the International Church of the Foursquare Gospel and they will study the doctrinal statements of the denomination.

(1.25 Units)

BIBL 121 - Old Testament Survey

A survey of the Old Testament is designed to assist the student in recognizing that these texts lay a foundation for the fulfillment found in the New Testament in the revelation of Jesus.

(2.5 Units)

BIBL 122 - New Testament Survey

A survey of New Testament is designed to assist the student in understanding the fulfillment of the prophecies and promises articulated in the Old Testament as evident in the person and ministry of Jesus

(2.5 Units)

BIBL 110 - Seminar: Biblical Interpretation

Biblical Interpretation introduces the student to the basic and systematic approaches to the study of God’s Word, to provide the tools and principles for preparing sermons, teachings, as well as for personal devotions.

(1.25 Units)

BIBM 110 - Seminar: Pastoral Coaching

This course is designed to provide coaching concepts and principles, based on biblical standards, for implementation in ministry and life by a pastor or leader in the care of their congregants whether in a church, para-church, or marketplace setting

(1.25 Unit)

BIBM 120 - Seminar: Spiritual Formation and Disciplines

This seminar will guide students in the purpose of and necessity to practice spiritual disciplines, which nourish the individual and lead to growth and transformation through the power of the Holy Spirit and the submission of the individual’s will.

(1.25 Units)

BIBM 100 - Seminar: Focusing Leaders

A reflective study in learning how to clarify an individual’s calling and Spirit-led purpose, which results in a comprehensive refocusing of vision and an increase in ministry effectiveness.

(1.25 Unit)

BIBM 121 - Pastoral Ministry and Perspectives

Pastoral Ministry and Perspective is designed for emerging as well as seasoned pastors and leaders by providing or reinforcing guidelines for pastoral ministry from the perspective of various pastors.

(2.5 Units)

BIBM - 103.99 Ministry Outreach

Each student is to participate in a local, national, or international outreach prior to completion of the program. A key aspect of this course is gaining knowledge of culture. The outreach can be a current ministry responsibility. Prior approval of the outreach by the professor is required. This course is a directed study and includes reading and writing assignments.

(0.5 Unit)

BIBM 111 - Mentoring Internship

Mentoring Internship is designed to integrate with the student’s journey in this program in which each student meets regularly with a mentor for accountability and guidance in this one-year program. This course is required each trimester (0.5 units/trimester).

(1.5 Units)

BIBT 120 - Foursquare Theology 1

This class is the first of a two-part theology course. In this course, students will study Theology and Christology within the framework of the doctrines and traditions of the Foursquare church.

(2.5 Units)

BIBT 121 - Foursquare Theology 2

This class is the second of a two-part theology course. In this course, students will study Pneumatology and Ecclesiology within the framework of the doctrines and traditions of the Foursquare church.

(2.5 Units)

BIBT 110 - Seminar: Missions 101

This course is a biblical, historical, and practical study of discipleship based on the fourstage model entitled, “Disciples of All Nations” to encourage the development or sustenance of missional churches.

(1.25 Units)

BIBT 125 - Seminar in Pneumatology

This seminar focuses on the ministry of the Holy Spirit in the life of the church and individual believers.

BWSH 110 - Seminar in Worship

This course examines the worship of God and the pastor’s role of leading his/her church into the presence of God as a community of worshippers. The biblical and practical elements of worship will be presented.

(1.25 Units)